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Caregiver smiling with her patient

We provide support for people with autism so they can enjoy living an independent and active life at home and in the community.

Support from family, friends, and healthcare professionals are important for people with autism. At Dockings Healthcare Services, we have professionals who can help improve the social, speech, and nonverbal abilities of individuals who have autism. This way they can enjoy staying in their own home and in their community.

Our team can also work seamlessly with family members to determine the right strategies in caring for their loved ones with autism. We ensure to create a person-centered care plan for each of our clients since we know that there are different types of autism possessed by each person. This enables our clients to take control of their own lives and do the things they want. Thus, there is no need for your loved ones to move into a care home since you can acquire our full-time help in the comfort of your home.

Please arrange an appointment if you have loved ones who are in need of our help. Our care coordinators can work closely with you in creating a personalized care plan for your loved ones.